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I would have expected an enterprise technology to be smarter than this.

 Want Team Foundation Server for free?  Install it and roll back your computer’s date 10 years.

 If you can tolerate your histories saying “1998” when it actually means “2008” then you have it for free.

 The idiot in charge of installing TFS at our location installed a trial and let it expire.  Since this precludes us from doing anything as basic as a task query or access our team portal, our entire development shop is offline… until I rolled the server’s clock back 1 week.

 You know, they say locks keep honest men honest, but having been involved in implementing concurrent user server-based licensing for our own product, I can tell you that the “rolling back the clock” is not even remotely hard to detect.  All you have to do is encrypt and hide a registry key (the COM registry is a wonderful place to stick something like this) that names the date you installed it, and also encrypt the date of the last login.  If the current machine date is earlier than either of these values, reject.

Anyways… in our situation we can’t really do this because we’d really corrupt our histories and it’s not worth the risk that TFS will go haywire if we have pre-dated checkins, but if we had known this from the start we could have pulled the 10 year trick.  Oh well.


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