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I hate Experts Exchange.  I freaking hate it.

When I’m googling solutions to problems the last thing I want to do is accidentally click on a pay site.  Whenever I see that obnoxious banner at the top of the page as it (very slowly) loads, I can’t hit the back button fast enough.  And I mutter a curse about how these bozos just wasted my time.

Seriously, does anyone actaully pay for a subscription to Experts Exchange when there’s StackOverflow and the MSDN forums?  Obviously there must be people out there who do, but why?  For the love of God, why?!

I’m an outspoken critic of open source software, mostly because I believe that the vast, vast majority of open source software is produced by a bunch of amateurs who have no business making software to begin with – I’m sorry, even if you are a professional software developer by day, you simply cannot produce the same quality as you could if someone were paying you for your labors.  When you’re writing code out of the goodness of your heart it’s a lot easier to not care when there’s a critical bug or let sloppy changesets get into your codebase because you, the OSS project manager, know damn well that you’re not this guy’s meal ticket and if you call his code sloppy he’ll just stop contributing.

However I’m an equally outspoken critic of closed source knowledge.  Monetizing professional goodwill and the labors of people who aren’t you in answering technical questions strikes me in the same vein that would be struck if a restaurant tried to charge me for a glass of water.  I don’t care how much EE pays its contributors – unless it’s 100%, it’s not enough.

EE is like a for-pay porn site.  Do those even still exist?  Does anyone actually still pay for porn when it’s so ubiquitously free virtually everywhere on the internet?  I imagine clicking on a promising link and seeing EE’s crappy page must be as annoying to me as clicking on a promising link and seeing a “members only” porn site is to porn consumers.

If EE wants to do it’s thing, fine – but do us a favor and keep it out of the Google indexes.  I will never, ever buy a subscription to that site and I will discourage everybody I know from doing the same.  It’s lame.




  1. Excellent post, this really needed to be said, I have seen EE jump into my face may times, usually after scouring the web for info related to very obscure or very specialised questions.

    I was even wondering the very same question, does ANYONE actually pay?

    As for Open Source, I too have my criticisms mainly about how one could really project manage and QA this stuff, but you must admit that Firefox really isn’t poor quality, so I’m not sure how this fits in.


  2. I concur, I HATE it. It’s always in the way. Just add to blocked sites and there you go. They should remove it though since it’s very misleading

  3. Thank god for the chrome personal blocklist extension 🙂

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