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My name is Evan, and I’m a firefighter.  No, not that kind of fire.  The software kind.

When you major in CS at a contemporary university, they give you the impression that you will spend your days writing code, developing software, kissing babies, and making millions with stock options.

The wicked truth is that 90% of your day will be spent getting burned by the shortcomings in every language, every API, and every product whose path you have the misfortune of crossing.

Software is about coming up with clever solutions to problems introduced by everyone else around you, and managing to curb your cynicism enough that you aren’t seen pacing around your cubicle screaming obscenities at the top of your lungs more than once per 8-hour work day.

You may wonder why technology has such an active blogging community.  It’s not because techies who work in software are more attracted to internet blogging in the same way we’re attracted to cellphones with 2 million features and home theatre systems.  Technology has such an active blogging community because our jobs depend upon us putting out fires, and without each other sharing our trials and tribulations the world would move a lot slower.

This is my contribution.



  1. You should keep blogging I really liked the topics you covered.

  2. Absolutely, I wonder why they don’t teach some of this in Colleges/Universities. Software projects WANT to go wrong, and it takes a lot of effort to keep them reigned in.

    If I get to a stage where I can just sit down and code a nice new neat algorithm, then I am lucky, because as you say 90%+ of the time is spent dealing with curve balls, often totally unforseeable.


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